The Thai Way to Happy Healthy Skin.

The All-Natural Thai Herbal daily soap & shampoo for sensitive skin.

  THAI FDA APPROVED.  #10 163 000 24337

What is Tarn Soap & Shampoo?

Tarn is an all-natural herbal soap and shampoo made for people with sensitive skin who frequently suffer from rashes, skin allergies, and chemical irritations.

What’s inside?

Tarn is made with 100% natural ingredients.  Packed with essential oils and Traditional Thai botanicals that nourish and replenish your skin, scalp and hair’s vitality.

More than just a natural soap

No foaming agent or sulfates were added to the Tarn. This gives it a distinct natural creamy texture. The additional benefit for this is that, in contrast to regular bars of soap or a liquid shampoo, Tarn’s consistency allows you to massage the herbal formula and essential oils deep into the skin’s tissues before rinsing.

How to Use Tarn

Make Tarn a part of your daily bathing routine. Simply massage Tarn into the skin, scalp or hair, wait for a few moments to let the herbs work their magic, then rinse thoroughly.