Hair & Scalp

ผมแข็งแรง สุขภาพดี

Hair Health

Chemicals, heat, and pollution, all have an impact on our scalp and hair, often resulting in dry and itchy scalp. plus dandruff and hair loss at the more extreme scale.But, in Tarn, there are ingredients that help to protect your hair and scalp from the symptoms.



Scoop out the desired amount of Tarn. (Us the spoon provided.)

Place the Tarn in your palm and add warm water to mix. The proportion depends on your preference. 

Thoroughly mix the Tarn and water in your palm.

Massage into your hair and scalp. Allow the herbs to penetrate deep into the hair roots.

Repeat Steps 1-3, as desired, massaging into the scalp and hair. Then rinse and dry your hair.


The Tarn Difference

Unlike commercial shampoos and conditioners, Tarn does not use chemicals, parabens, steroids, palm oil, or animal ingredients. Tarn is formulated using natural herbs and oils that support the growth and health of strong and thick hair while nourishing the scalp.


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