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Skin Health

Enhance your personal hygiene routine with our natural blend of apple cider extract, Centella Asiatica extract, Tanaka, Charcoal, Gooseberry, Black Sesame oil and Mint. Rich in anti-oxidants, chemical-free, and unscented, Tarn takes care of your skin, naturally.



Scoop up how much Tarn you would like to use. One spoon is often enough. (Use the provided spoon.)

Place Tarn into your hand and mix with equal part warm water.

Mix until the Tarn is completely combined with the water.

Gently massage into your skin, allowing the herbs to absorb deeply. 

Rinse with fresh water.


The Tarn Difference

Unlike commercial shampoos and conditioners, Tarn does not use chemicals, parabens, steroids, palm oil, or animal ingredients. Tarn uses all-natural herbs, healing oils, and extracts to help hydrate and support the skin’s natural healing ability.



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